Grade 10 End Task

Grade 10 Communications Tech Culminating Activity
Due Date: January 19th
We have a problem on our hands here. DHS is full of sloppy, messy people who throw their trash on the ground. After lunch and after school the halls are full of nasty garbage because some people are not cleaning up after themselves.
This is where you come in. We need to raise awareness of this issue and encourage people to use the garbage cans and clean up after themselves.
You need to create posters and commercials that deal with this issue. It is up to you how to approach the issue, whether is is serious or humorous, but the end message must be the same: Don’t litter!
Individually you must complete a poster using Adobe InDesign and photographs that you take yourself. You can use Photoshop for any of your photographs to enhance their look.

In groups of two or three you will complete a short commercial (video or stop motion) dealing with the issue (max one minute).

You must hand in storyboards for the commercials as well as a finished product.
How I will mark it:
40% – Poster/Photographs
The poster will be evaluated based on the concept/idea as well as the technical implementation and quality of the photographs used.
30% – Video
The video will be marked based on the planning and preparation, production and final editing.
30% – Process
This is an evaluation of how effectively you use the time given to you to complete this task.
Here are some examples of previous videos that were made for this project:


30 Second Commercial

You will be creating a 30 second commercial on a product.

A few tips for the process:

1) Leave yourself time at the end of the period – There is one cameras  It is therefore crucial that you leave yourself enough time after shooting your video to get back to class and save your video to your profile. If you don’t get all the shots you need, it will be another groups turn the next day. If your card gets erased it’s….say it with me…NOT MY PROBLEM! No holding cards.

2) Take a lot of different shots – If you watch 30 second commercials, most have at least 15 different shots, lasting 1-2 seconds each. So get plenty of footage and don’t worry about things being in sequence on the tape. It is very easy to rearrange your footage in editing. Get close-ups, different angles, wide-angle shots and any others you can think of. Check your footage periodically to make sure you got what you want but don’t waste time erasing, just keep shooting.

3) Follow a script and storyboard – Plan your commercial very carefully. Your storyboard will help you remember all the different shots you planned on getting. Once you’re filming, you can easily make changes to your plan but you won’t be forgetting crucial shots and have to wait for another turn with the camera.

Stop Motion Animation

In groups of 2-4 you will be producing 20 second (minimum) movies using stop-motion animation.
You will be responsible for creating a storyline and script, building your “set” and props, and choosing a method of animating the characters (i.e clay models, action figures, modified objects, people)
The movies will be created using digital cameras, Photoshop and the iMovie movie editing software.
In order to create a 20 second animation you will need to take at least 400 pictures (minimum “frame rate” for stop motion animation is 15 frames per second, 20 is better)
Take todays class to form your groups, begin discussing storyline and sets and watch some examples of stop-motion animation online (I’ve listed a few below – some are awesome, big-budget films, but still worth watching for ideas on how to make things work)
50 Amazing Stop Motion Videos

Search youtube for stop-motion and you should be able to find more examples of this stuff.
Your first steps should be:
1. Form a group
2. Brainstorm ideas
3. Storyboard your ideas (click here for examples of storyboards, and here for some blank storyboards)

Even More Illustrator

Click here to view the list of Illustrator tutorials
The difficulty ranges from beginner to expert.

Pick a few that look interesting and try them out – if you find your choice is too difficult, try a different one.

Post two or three of these to your blog by the end of the week.

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Illustrator – Vector Skull

Follow this illustrator tutorial to draw the vector skull image shown below. There are many steps but the instructions are clear. Ask for help if you need it!

Illustrator Robot


Here is another neat Illustrator tutorial – this one shows how to draw a fun lil robot

More Illustrator

Click here for an Illustrator tutorial that will show you how to draw the ninjas seen above.