Internet Image Search

In our upcoming Photoshop assignments you will find that you need to find many different images for use in your assignments. I would like you to become familiar with some of the resources that are available to you on the internet.


Find the following images and insert them into a new post on your blog.

You will likely have different images than others in the class – that’s ok. I am mainly interested in your search ability and your use of different sources to get the best possible image you can find.

On your blog, post pictures of:

1. A cell phone
2. Max the Moose
3. A cool car or truck
4. An apple on a white background
5. A really old computer
6. A flying eagle
7. A very, very old man
8. An extreme sport
9. An Olympic athlete
10. Something on fire
11. Dryden High School
12. A giant wave
13. One of those old bikes with the big wheels
14. An albino animal
15. Lightning

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