Photoshop Assignments

Create the following images using the techniques covered in class so far. Don’t be frustrated if you forget some of the techniques – everything is still really new! With practice you’ll get better in no time at all. Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment with the different tools to see what they do. Ask me or somebody in the class for help.
Finish up the first image (your name and interests) that you were working on, and then complete the images that I have outlined below:
1. Create a picture that shows a person in a scene that is either much too large, or much too small for them (for example, a person standing amongst buildings or skyscrapers, or a person standing underneath a cat or dog). Try to make it look as real as possible. You’ll probably be using the Quickmask and Edit>Transform>Scale for this one.

2. Create an imaginary product by combining two or more existing products (e.g. flying car (car with airplane wings), iPod Toaster – be as ridiculous/impractical as you’d like for this one)

3. Copy a lot of one thing into an image (for example, a lot of deer into a forest, a lot of cars onto a road, a lot of kittens into a room) Try to make everything look like it belongs there.

Happy Photoshopping!
You’ll have a few days to work on this, so don’t rush it – try to get the most realistic, cleanest looking images possible.
If you want to see some amazing photoshop work, check out Worth 1000. Try to figure out the techniques that were used to create the images that you see.
This is a great photoshop tool reference page.
When you have completed these images, post them on your blog. Include a brief description of the tools and techniques that you used for each image. Be sure to label the pics so I know what I am looking at.

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