Photoshop Portfolio

I would like you to take all of the skills and techniques that you have been developing in Photoshop and put together a Photoshop portfolio.
Select a theme that interests you (music, pets, cars, a tv show – anything you like) and create ten photoshopped images that relate to the theme. Incorporate the techniques that we have covered in the previous assignments.
When you have all of the images, create a new Post on your blog to present your images.

With each image, include a description of the techniques that you used. Be specific – include info about tools and layers that you may have used.

Be creative!  Try to use as many of the techniques we learned as you can. Take your time to produce quality images – we will have the full week to work on this project.

Some things to keep in mind when you are creating your images:

Use of tools/techniques: Did you use the appropriate tools or techniques to complete the assignment?

Craftsmanship: Did you use care in making selections? Are edges smooth and clean or blurry and jagged? Did you select clear and crisp source images? Did you blend colours/brightness effectively?

Overall: Does the image show obvious signs of Photoshopping or did you blend/adjust until the image looked natural? Does it appear that effort was made to produce a final product of good quality?

Bonus: If you really want a challenge, do a google search for “photoshop tutorial” and try to find something that catches your interest. There are literally thousands of lessons out there that you could follow.  (this page and this page contain some really good ones)

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