InDesign Magazine Cover

If you had your own magazine, what would it be about? What would be on the cover?
Using InDesign, design a magazine cover that looks as “real” as possible. You can duplicate an existing magazine or come up with your own original idea.
Include the magazine name, a picture or illustration and the usual text describing what’s inside the magazine (as well as a date/volume/issue number etc)
What are some things that all magazine covers have in common? Why do certain magazines look the way they do?
This site gives a detailed breakdown of some standard elements of magazine covers.
A google image search for “magazine cover” should provide plenty of inspiration.
Make it “Bleed” – the images on most magazine covers will go right over the edge of the page (in the design world this is referred to as a “bleed”). Make sure your images are large enough to roll off the edge of the page so there won’t be a border on your image.
Here is a google results page with a variety of Magazine Cover tutorials – if you’re having a hard time getting started, pick on of those and jump right in

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