Career Research Project

Choose a career in the communications technology field (for the purposes of this assignment, this means any job in photography, television, music production or print media – if you are not sure about your chosen career, ask me), research it online and produce (using Adobe InDesign) an informative poster or brochure on the topic.
You must include the following information in your finished product:
Job description
Educational Requirements (list at least two places that you could receive the education required for this job) (try emailing somebody in the admissions department of one of these schools for even more information)
Skills needed by people who do this job
Wage expectations (for people that do this job in Canada if possible, in Canadian dollars if not)
Where you would work if you had this job (names of companies)
Opportunities for advancement (what else is there that people who do this job can do?)
Picture(s) of somebody doing this job or other relevant graphics
What I will be evaluating:
Content: Do you have all of the required information written in a clear and concise manner?
Is the layout logical and easy to read? Is the design eye-catching and attractive?
Possible Careers:
Graphic Designer
Recording Engineer
Web developer
Live sound engineer
Television Producer
Camera Operator
Flash Animator
You can use Career Cruising or any other online career resources.
To log into Career Cruising, username is keewatin and the password is 18500

When you have completed this assignment, post it to your blog as a JPG file.

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