Stop Motion Animation

In groups of 2-4 you will be producing 20 second (minimum) movies using stop-motion animation.
You will be responsible for creating a storyline and script, building your “set” and props, and choosing a method of animating the characters (i.e clay models, action figures, modified objects, people)
The movies will be created using digital cameras, Photoshop and the iMovie movie editing software.
In order to create a 20 second animation you will need to take at least 400 pictures (minimum “frame rate” for stop motion animation is 15 frames per second, 20 is better)
Take todays class to form your groups, begin discussing storyline and sets and watch some examples of stop-motion animation online (I’ve listed a few below – some are awesome, big-budget films, but still worth watching for ideas on how to make things work)
50 Amazing Stop Motion Videos

Search youtube for stop-motion and you should be able to find more examples of this stuff.
Your first steps should be:
1. Form a group
2. Brainstorm ideas
3. Storyboard your ideas (click here for examples of storyboards, and here for some blank storyboards)


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