30 Second Commercial

You will be creating a 30 second commercial on a product.

A few tips for the process:

1) Leave yourself time at the end of the period – There is one cameras  It is therefore crucial that you leave yourself enough time after shooting your video to get back to class and save your video to your profile. If you don’t get all the shots you need, it will be another groups turn the next day. If your card gets erased it’s….say it with me…NOT MY PROBLEM! No holding cards.

2) Take a lot of different shots – If you watch 30 second commercials, most have at least 15 different shots, lasting 1-2 seconds each. So get plenty of footage and don’t worry about things being in sequence on the tape. It is very easy to rearrange your footage in editing. Get close-ups, different angles, wide-angle shots and any others you can think of. Check your footage periodically to make sure you got what you want but don’t waste time erasing, just keep shooting.

3) Follow a script and storyboard – Plan your commercial very carefully. Your storyboard will help you remember all the different shots you planned on getting. Once you’re filming, you can easily make changes to your plan but you won’t be forgetting crucial shots and have to wait for another turn with the camera.


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